Final spurt to Brussels

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Final spurt to Brussels

#ParisGoesBrussels bike tour with Eiffel Tower en route to Brussels - Parents for Future climate protectors call for compliance with the Paris climate agreement

Brussels/Cologne/Leipzig - The Eiffel Tower has already cycled 848 kilometres - through ice and snow, threatened by water cannons and carried by around 500 cyclists to date. There are still 220 kilometres to go. On Wednesday the 2-meter-high symbol will arrive in Brussels when EU policymakers meet - a symbolic activity by Parents for Future Germany, Parents for Future Global and many other climate groups to call for compliance with the Paris climate agreement.

From December 9-11 there will be several press events with the Eiffel Tower
(initial dates at the end of this press release)

"We have received overwhelming support from all over Germany," says Talina Sondershaus (Parents for Future Leipzig). Only 4 weeks ago the Leipzig local group came up with the idea for this tour. "Actually, we first thought that this wouldn't work, especially in Corona times. But then more and more people from all over Germany said, "Yes, I'll join you," says Sondershaus, who is also responsible for organising the route: "The people en route are totally dedicated to get the Eiffel Tower to its destination. They don't let rain, snow and track closures stop them and cycle until deep into the night.”

In the Dannenröder Forest, the police threatened the Eiffel Tower and our cyclists with water cannons. As member of civil society this was a shocking experience, as one cyclist summarised his experience: "The ‘Danni’ was a revelation for me. I had not thought it possible that in the 30th year of German unification one would again cut aisles through the forest with barbed wire with grim-faced people in uniform. Never before anyone had pointed three water cannons at me setting umpteen helmet-wearers in motion.”

"Profit stands above people in this capitalised society," says Jada Kennedy (Youth for Climate), who will cycle the route in Belgium. "It’s time to stop the polarising and unite with and for the people, for a liveable future", Kennedy explains her commitment to climate protection and #ParisGoesBrussels. Malte Kleinwort (Parents for Future Bonn) will also hand over the Eiffel Tower in Brussels: "The time for ‘sunshine’ policy is over!”

Facts about the tour #ParisGoesBrussels

  • So far, around 500 cyclists have biked the Eiffel Tower with a lot of energy and commitment, and many more people have supported the organisation.
  • The core organisation team in Leipzig consists of twelve Parents, who plan the tour in a network with Parents from all over Germany and internationally – like all the other participants on a voluntary basis, alongside work and family.
  • 14 daily stages
  • The longest distance between Limburg and Bonn was 136 kilometres. The last 6.5 hours had to be driven in the dark and in the cold. Arrival was only just before midnight.
  • Between Jena and Erfurt, more than 250 cyclists supported the action.
  • In compliance with Corona regulations, one cyclist rode the longest way in several routes from Leipzig to Cologne.
  • The onset of winter hit the tour in Eisenach, so that the Eiffel Tower and its supporters had to cycle through ice and snow for two days, partly on uncleared paths.
  • In the Dannenröder Forest, the police threatened the Eiffel Tower with water cannons.
  • Together with the Eiffel Tower, the ‘Parents For Future Global’s statement to the EU-Summit’ is part of the luggage. It has been signed by 35 parent groups from 25 countries and will be handed over in Brussels. You can find the statement here:
  • Start: November 26 in Dresden, arrival: December 9-10 in Brussels for the EU Summit

Press Dates
Thursday, December 10:
13:00 - 14:00: Meeting with German MEP Anna Cavazzini
17:00 - 18:30: Demonstration together with Rise for Climate close to European Council

Further meetings with EU politicians are scheduled or requested.
We will inform you as soon as possible.

Background information:

The Paris climate protection agreement is now five years old, and with Fridays for Future we as Parents for Future for more than two years have been calling for its consequential implementation to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

Shortly before the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Paris agreement by 195 countries, the European Council is meeting and will decide on the concrete climate targets for the EU until 2030. With the recently adopted EU climate law, the European Parliament has set a clear signal for ambitious climate protection - now the countries of Europe must follow suit and take a clear position: Implement the climate agreement at last! Make Paris real!

The bike tour is part of the global For Future campaigns #MakeParisReal and #FightFor1Point5.

Staging points of the bikers and further information:


Press contact of the initiators:
Parents for Future Leipzig

Gisela Wehrl
+49 163 33 23 777
+49 176 4561 8650

Local contact:
Malte Kleinwort (+49 151 17 82 13 52)

Parents for Future Germany
Claudia Prange
+49 152 2718 4343
Liebigstr. 201, 50823 Cologne

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